how to tell the biblical story in a way that makes a difference


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Jesus, the gods, and the philosophers 6 Feb. 2014
Eschatology, mission and the theological formation of the church 2 Feb. 2013
Theology and history: on totally different wave lengths 19 May. 2016
This changes everything 16 Dec. 2015
A pragmatic non-theory of the atonement 21 Feb. 2017
Blogging and the future of theology 19 Oct. 2011
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God, theology and history 21 Nov. 2012
Adams, Wright, Barth, theology, history, time, eternity, and Paul’s letter to the Romans 28 Apr. 2016
Wishing you all a happy and revolutionary Christmas! 22 Dec. 2015
Stories about Jesus: how they fit together, and what he means for us today 21 Mar. 2017
The Story of Israel: A Biblical Theology 26 Jan. 2014
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How (and why) church planters should tell their story 3 Mar. 2016
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What was justification by faith? 30 Jun. 2017
Some observations about divine Sonship in Hebrews 1 17 Jun. 2016
Beware (other) paradigm shifts in Christian theology 22 Aug. 2018
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