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The narrative-historical reading of the New Testament: what’s in it for me? Part 1 4 Jun. 2012
The battle between theology and history for the soul of the church: 24 antitheses 5 Mar. 2013
Brian LePort's ten most difficult doctrinal/theological issues 23 Apr. 2012
The fault line between the Reformed and the... er, post-Reformed? 12 Jan. 2012
The death of Jesus: not as difficult to understand as you might think 17 Feb. 2017
Samuel V. Adams and Paul’s “apocalypse of Jesus Christ” 10 May. 2016
Can anyone recommend a seminary that embraces narrative theology? 9 Aug. 2012
History and theology: off the charts 17 Feb. 2015
This changes everything 16 Dec. 2015
Theological heresy and narrative-historical heresy 25 May. 2016
Two stories about Jesus 5 May. 2016
Theology and history: is the dam about to break? 13 Feb. 2017
Eschatology, mission and the theological formation of the church 2 Feb. 2013
Did God die on the cross? Part 1 15 Aug. 2017
Should we “water down” the doctrine of the Second Coming? 9 Jan. 2018
Jesus, the gods, and the philosophers 6 Feb. 2014
Theology and history: on totally different wave lengths 19 May. 2016
A pragmatic non-theory of the atonement 21 Feb. 2017
Theological hermeneutics and the meaning of “Immanuel” 29 Apr. 2016
Trinity, subordination and narrative in Hebrews 1:1-2 10 Jun. 2016
A narrative statement of missional faith 28 Nov. 2013
Wishing you all a happy and revolutionary Christmas! 22 Dec. 2015
Blogging and the future of theology 19 Oct. 2011
God, theology and history 21 Nov. 2012
Adams, Wright, Barth, theology, history, time, eternity, and Paul’s letter to the Romans 28 Apr. 2016
The Story of Israel: A Biblical Theology 26 Jan. 2014
Stories about Jesus: how they fit together, and what he means for us today 21 Mar. 2017
The end of narrative for Christians and Jews 11 Nov. 2013
The doctrine of the Trinity: less than the sum of the parts 18 Dec. 2017
Theology, history and which Jesus? 22 Aug. 2014
Are Ignatius and Irenaeus reliable interpreters of Romans 1:3? 6 Nov. 2019
The beginning and the end of Trinitarianism: a response to Fred Sanders 25 May. 2017
Should we call Jesus “Everlasting Father”? 29 Dec. 2015
Adams and Wright: beyond worldviews? 3 May. 2016
From theology to history: Oliver Crisp on the temptations of the Christ 29 Oct. 2019
How (and why) church planters should tell their story 3 Mar. 2016
Yet another attempt to persuade the world that Tim Keller is wrong about hell 4 Apr. 2018
Beware (other) paradigm shifts in Christian theology 22 Aug. 2018
A commentary on Owen Strachan’s less than biblical defence of the atonement 18 Mar. 2017
What was justification by faith? 30 Jun. 2017


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