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Talking Jesus: how does the Trinity fit in? 7 Jan. 2017
The conception of Jesus, Trinity, and the search for an appropriate metaphysics: it’s nearly Christmas, after all 18 Dec. 2012
Jimmy Dunn: one God, one Lord, and the shema 3 Sep. 2011
Chris Tilling aims a relational christology at Bart Ehrman 17 Apr. 2014
There are two Trinities in the New Testament and they are not the immanent and economic Trinities 6 Mar. 2014
Trinitarian community 22 May. 2011
Trinitarian theology and mission 23 Aug. 2010
Does Daniel say that the nations will “worship” the one like a son of man? 31 May. 2018
“My Lord and my God” 17 Jan. 2014
Subordination, Trinity and gender 20 Feb. 2014
Is Jesus included in the “divine identity” in 1 Corinthians 8:6? 21 May. 2014
Jesus as Alpha and Omega, first and last, beginning and end 13 Nov. 2018
Did God die on the cross? Part 2 17 Aug. 2017
Simon Gathercole’s argument about pre-existence and divine identity in the Synoptics 9 Apr. 2014
Is the Shema really so important for understanding “one God… one Lord” in 1 Corinthians 8:6? 16 May. 2013
How powerful is Jesus? 7 Jan. 2020
The “Christ hymn”: true humanity or true kingship? 21 Oct. 2013
Michael Bird on the question of whether Jesus thought of himself as God 27 Mar. 2014
“Jesus is Lord” before (and after) Trinitarian orthodoxy 10 Jan. 2017
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Every knee shall bow: the question about Jesus and God 31 Jul. 2018
“Glory to the newborn King” or “Hail the incarnate Deity”? 23 Dec. 2013
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Who calmed the storm and why? 22 Jan. 2020
The appointment of the Son of God 21 Jun. 2019
Was Jesus an adopted Son? 7 Jun. 2017
The resurrection of the Son of God (and the rationalisation of God the Son) 3 Apr. 2015
Richard Hays: how is it that Jesus gets to pour out the Spirit of God? 21 Nov. 2014
Is the “eternal generation of the Son” a biblical idea? 15 Jun. 2016


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