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Penal substitutionary atonement and narrative theology

Jason B. Hood → Andrew: Thanks for the dialogue
Andrew → Jason B. Hood: Here’s how I see it…The
Jason B. Hood → Andrew: Hi Andrew, Can you help me by
Andrew → Jason B. Hood: Jason, thanks for the quick
Jason B. Hood → Andrew: Thanks for the interaction

Brian McLaren, A New Kind of Christianity: the question about the violence of God

peter wilkinson → Andrew: I still haven’t read ‘A new
Andrew → peter wilkinson: I’m sure he realizes the word
peter wilkinson → Andrew: I am saying that human beings

Review: Davina Lopez, Apostle to the Conquered

Davina C. Lopez → Andrew: Thank you!

Brian McLaren, A New Kind of Christianity: the first question

Brian McLaren, A New Kind of Christianity: What Do We Do About the Church?

Pither → Andrew: Over the edge, indeed. But

Re-registering the coming of the Son of man

Gustavo → Andrew: Well, we have probably
Andrew → Gustavo: Gustavo, sorry to have taken
Gustavo → Andrew: reply 2
Andrew → Gustavo Martin: In those days… Gustavo, I
Gustavo Martin → Andrew: response

The not so Great Commission

Andrew → James: I don’t see a need to go
Andrew → James Walden: James,
In the first place, I
James Walden → Andrew: Andrew, I would agree with

Review of the (proxy?) review of the response to the critique of the argument: Wright and the righteousness of God

Are those being saved few?

peter wilkinson → Andrew: Sorry Andrew, I think we
Andrew → peter wilkinson: But so were many other things
peter wilkinson → Andrew: I see continuity and
Andrew → peter wilkinson: Clearly you’re right – these
peter wilkinson → Andrew: How do you square 13:24-29
Andrew → peter wilkinson: Peter, I think it’s unlikely

The killing of the Galileans and the collapse of the tower in Siloam

Michael C Thompson → Andrew: judgment