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Straws in the wind: why the emerging church still matters

Michael Thompson → Andrew: I think that your

Islam in America and the end of Christendom

peter wilkinson → Andrew: An item in last week’s New
Johan T. → Andrew: Thanks Andrew for another

Does the emerging church really have a problem with a final judgment?

paulf → Richard: One of the problems is that
Richard → Andrew: Andrew, Absolutely. Any
Andrew → Richard: Richard, it’s an excellent
Richard → ScottL: I’ve long struggled with
ScottL → Andrew: I, too, have struggled with

Blessing in microcosm

paulf → Andrew: 1) “We can choose to
Andrew → paulf: Well, that’s one way of
paulf → Andrew: Andrew this is one of those

Paul the maker of theatrical scenery?

Justin Powell → Andrew: This is really interesting
Andrew → James F. McGrath: Yes, I didn’t think of that
James F. McGrath → Andrew: Wow, this is really

God wants to bless you! Or does he?

Andrew → Michael Thompson: Hi, Michael, yes… very much
Michael Thompson → Andrew: “… we know a great deal about

The Future of the People of God available on

James F. McGrath → Andrew: Congratulations!

Is Christianity really any good for the world?

ScottL → Andrew: Great thoughts, Andrew.

The kingdom of God: not ‘now and not yet’

paulf → peter wilkinson: “the relationship between
peter wilkinson → Andrew: “the relationship between
Andrew → peter wilkinson: Peter, the suggestion about

The Future of the People of God: Reading Romans Before and After Western Christendom

Andrew → Adrenalin Tim: So you should be. I don’t
Adrenalin Tim → Adrenalin Tim: Oh my goodness. Your book.
Adrenalin Tim → Andrew: I’m excited for you’re book.

The coming of a ‘new world order’: why Jesus wasn’t wrong

Andrew → paulf: Paul, I understand your