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Praxis and discipleship

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Why did Jesus instruct his disciples not to preach the kingdom of God to Gentiles and Samaritans? 18 May. 2015
The narrative-historical reading of the New Testament: what's in it for me? Part 3 9 Jun. 2012
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Rob Bell and the Apostle Paul on the moral, intellectual and spiritual bankruptcy of the people of God 26 May. 2011
Should we still love our enemies? 21 Jun. 2012
At the risk of repeating myself... 19 Jun. 2012
Discipleship means giving up everything to follow Jesus. Or does it? 8 Nov. 2012
Some notes on discipleship 9 Oct. 2012
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What do I mean when I say that Jesus is my personal Lord and saviour? 29 Jan. 2018
A half-truth of modern evangelicalism: Jesus lives in the heart of the believer 19 Dec. 2013
What must the church become? Narrative and praxis 2 Jun. 2016
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God wants to bless you! Or does he? 26 Jul. 2010
Blessed are the narrative-historical interpreters: preaching the Beatitudes 23 May. 2016
Answers to questions about the narrative-historical method 24 Apr. 2020
Who is being transformed into the image of Christ? Not me 1 Mar. 2017
Discipleship and the eschatological narrative of 1 Corinthians 30 Aug. 2016
Occupy London: what would Jesus have done? 31 Oct. 2011
From Mount Athos to Thessalonica and back again: a review of Johannes Hartl’s God Untamed 14 Feb. 2020
Becoming like Jesus—not all that it’s made out to be 7 Nov. 2010
Do not lead us into temptation: a mistranslation according to the Pope 8 Dec. 2017
The biblical story, part one 11 Jul. 2018
How would Jesus teach the church to pray today? 15 Feb. 2018
If the Bible is history, what are we supposed to do? 20 Mar. 2019
The Pope bowdlerizes the Lord’s Prayer 7 Jun. 2019
The biblical story, part two 17 Jul. 2018
Der rote Faden der Bibel - Teil 1 (Tora, Profeten und Schriften) 16 Apr. 2019
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