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Why my argument against the traditional doctrine of "hell" is not liberalism 6 Aug. 2011
The Great Convergence: the emerging church and the New Perspective 3 Mar. 2011
Whatever happened to the People of God? 29 May. 2011
A New Translation: The Earliest Christian Documents: AD 49-100 12 Apr. 2011
Wright and White on the “righteousness of God” in 2 Corinthians 5:21 12 Apr. 2013
The gospel, the story of Israel, and personal salvation: no compromise 9 Jan. 2014
Justification with reference to Wright, Gorman and Campbell 31 Jan. 2011
Theology and history and Jesus as the culmination of Israel's story 11 May. 2011
The fault line between the Reformed and the... er, post-Reformed? 12 Jan. 2012
Strange but true: sealed Christian books found by Bedouin 29 Mar. 2011
Tim Gombis on the New Perspective (and why it doesn't go far enough) 11 Jul. 2011
Kent L. Yinger: The New Perspective on Paul 19 Mar. 2011
Samuel V. Adams and Paul’s “apocalypse of Jesus Christ” 10 May. 2016
Resolving the tension between wrath and love by means of diagrams 12 Nov. 2014
History and theologies: schematization number 6 29 Jun. 2011
From New Perspective to missional praxis: plotting the tensions 25 Mar. 2011
The historical justification of the people of God by faithfulness 9 Apr. 2011
Roger Olson and the definition of postconservative evangelicalism 14 Apr. 2011
Scot McKnight and the completion of Israel's story 7 Dec. 2010
Another introduction to the New Perspective on Paul 8 Apr. 2011
Westerholm and the New Perspective: both right, both wrong 2 Feb. 2011
Stephen Burnhope: Atonement and the New Perspective 10 Jan. 2019
Paul within Judaism and the challenge for the post-Christendom church 2 Jul. 2015
The Story of Israel: A Biblical Theology 26 Jan. 2014
Jew first, then Greek in Campbell’s The Deliverance of God 10 Nov. 2009
Which way did he go? The coming of the Son of Man and the theology of crisis 7 Jul. 2011
Nearly 10 essential things to know about Paul’s letter to the Romans 18 Apr. 2018
Postconservative evangelicalism and beyond 6 Nov. 2010
A biography of the Bible and the loss of peace 23 Sep. 2010
Finding better ways to do theology 6 Mar. 2011
A paradigm shift in Pauline studies? 28 Sep. 2013
New Perspective and Reformed theologies at a crossroads 9 Nov. 2010
If the means are political, so is the end: Wright and the Jewish message of Paul 19 Jan. 2016
The story they found themselves in 18 Oct. 2010
Review of the (proxy?) review of the response to the critique of the argument: Wright and the righteousness of God 26 Nov. 2009
Review of Steve Chalke’s The Lost Message of Paul, part 1 21 Mar. 2020
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