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Some questions about judgment and hell 26 Jun. 2014
Getting saved in the Gospels 11 Oct. 2016
The doctrine of the Second Coming and the restoration of the kingdom to Israel 10 Jan. 2018
Apocalyptic realism and deliverance from the coming wrath 5 Apr. 2011
The “historical” Jesus is anything but gentle, meek and mild 1 Dec. 2017
Rocking the boat: Noah in narrative-historical perspective 9 Aug. 2013
Revelation and the defeat of pagan empire 18 May. 2012
Is Jesus included in the “divine identity” in 1 Corinthians 8:6? 21 May. 2014
We do not know Jesus if we know him only as a personal saviour 27 Oct. 2011
John the Baptist and the wrath to come 13 Oct. 2016
Evangelicals, historical criticism and the second coming 29 Jul. 2013
Some quick notes on Douglas Wilson's argument about Hell and Hellenism 28 Aug. 2012
Resurrection, rapture and relevance 2 Nov. 2010
What happens at the end of Revelation? 19 Oct. 2015
How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land? 27 Oct. 2010
What does Paul mean by “The righteous shall live by faith”? 27 Apr. 2018
Salvation 24 Jan. 2011
The parable of the two houses and the apocalyptic storm 17 Jan. 2012
Justice, justification, Jesus, Jerusalem, and the hell of fire 27 Sep. 2016
Do both the good and the bad go to Hades? 2 Jul. 2012
The woman and the dragon 6 Nov. 2013
Did Jesus promise to return within the lifetime of his disciples? 20 Mar. 2018
The Son of Man according to Daniel, Enoch and Jesus: it’s the same old story 22 Jul. 2015
Paul’s parable of the olive tree 24 Oct. 2016
N.T. Wright and Paul’s eschatology (with coloured beads) 29 Jun. 2016
How powerful is Jesus? 7 Jan. 2020
The keys to the kingdom of heaven 9 Feb. 2012
Yeah, but it didn’t happen: prophecy and historical fulfilment 26 Jan. 2016
Response to Douglas Wilson 30 Aug. 2012
The parables of delay and the question of dual fulfilment 9 Oct. 2010
Did St. Paul Go to Heaven When He Died? Reconciling Bockmuehl and Wright... 28 Apr. 2010
Death is swallowed up in victory. What? When? And has he misread the scriptures? 30 Apr. 2018
My arguments against Ortlund’s restatement of Packer’s arguments against annihilationism 7 Oct. 2015
7 things you need to know about the kingdom of God 7 Mar. 2018
The prophetic relationship of the people of God to the “land” 13 Nov. 2010
The “Christ hymn”: true humanity or true kingship? 21 Oct. 2013
The subversion of the Jewish “hell” in the teaching of Jesus 10 Apr. 2018
Origen, Jesus, and the kingdoms of the world (in narrative-historical perspective) 6 Jun. 2014
I said you are gods… 24 Jan. 2018
Response to Ben Witherington on Gehenna 25 Sep. 2011


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